10 ways a cashless, self-service operation could improve your QSR operation

Cashless, self-service kiosks can present a number of benefits for the QSR industry both in terms of cost-savings for the business and improved customer service. We have highlighted our top 10:

1. Saves your business money - you can employ fewer people to take orders or shift that personnel to processing and preparing the orders. Good news in the face of hospitality labour shortage concerns following Brexit.


2. Upselling opportunities - a kiosk can ask upsell questions along the way which can see a 10-20% improvement on a customer’s overall spend value.


3. Improves customer service – self-service means little or no wait time, and with more staff fulfilling the order, the food wait time also decreases. The result = Lots of happy customers.


4. Fully integrated - self-service kiosk solutions can fully integrate with your EPoS system making your whole service operation seamless.


5. Improves customer experience - self-service allows staff to spend more time ensuring customers are happy and looked after. Don’t underestimate the importance of connecting with customers to enrich their experience and encourage their return.


6. Reduces fraud - in a cashless society every transaction leaves an electronic record somewhere, so onsite fraud can essentially be eliminated.


7. Improved accounts accuracy - the integration of the kiosk’s payment system with BOH means accounts reconciliation and reporting is far more accurate.


8. More cost-saving - you may also be saving the cost of a EPoS terminal or two by using kiosks instead which can be a significant cost-saving.


9. Increases spend per head - when physical money isn’t present, people treat it differently. It no longer becomes a tangible item. This means that many consumers end up spending more than they intended.


10. Gives customers more control - kiosks can display a host of dietary and allergen details on demand, giving customers complete control over their order, safe in the knowledge that they are receiving 100% accurate and trustworthy information.