6 Reasons why open integration is essential for quick service and casual dining restaurants

A well-designed EPoS hub can do all the hard work behind the scenes, gaining customer insight through data capture and freeing up your staff’s time to provide a truly personalised experience. Agile in nature, with fluid integrated functionality, your ideal EPoS hub should be able to grow and adapt to meet changing market and business needs.

1. Saves time

Rather than having to login separately to your reservations software to check the day’s reservations, and then into scheduling software to check your staffing levels, you can just login once to your EPoS and see all this application data in one synchronised view.

2. Automation

Truly integrated EPoS systems negate the need for manual data entry into third-party systems to output data analysis, rather the PoS technology can communicate with all front and back office tools seamlessly.

3. Real-time updating

This synchronicity also allows for crucial real-time updating to give a live update of your business operation at any given time and without the potential for human error. This level of granular detail enables accurate and realistic forecasting, ensures better stock control and less wastage. All cost and time saving realities.

4. Increases employee productivity

The time-saving achieved through this one-view login allows your staff to devote more of their time to the human things technology can’t do like make excellent food, give exemplary face-to-face customer service and ensure that customers want to return.

5. Increased customer knowledge

The shared data capability of using an integrated EPoS solution means you can learn more about your customers’ behaviour and purchasing preferences. Knowledge is power and in this instance knowledge facilitates the ability to personalise your customer experience.

6. Rapid Innovation for little investment

Many of these third-party solutions do not require any significant investment in hardware/software combinations and so represent little risk to the business’ bottom line should they fail to deliver but great rewards should the innovation succeed. Many of these third parties solutions are created by start-ups who have shouldered all development and integration costs to encourage their adoption by restaurant brands/ EPoS providers.

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