Becoming customer centric: Why technology matters

It’s not just great customer service that ensures loyalty. Tech also plays a huge part in the form of customer engagement applications and with the advance of AI, personalisation is an essential ingredient in getting up close and personal with your diners.

Today’s customer: Millennials & Generation Z

Millennials and Gen-Zers are the only generation where dining out has actually increased in the last two years while other generations have been tightening their belts and staying away from eating out.

Their passion and thirst for everything digital, instantaneous gratification and freedom to choose what they want, where they want and how they want to get it, means creating a single and unified customer journey through seamless software integration is now essential – not a choice.

From reservations, customer loyalty programs, online and mobile ordering and payments, through to social engagement and swift order collection, the freedom to design and build your infrastructure to support your customer journey aspirations is critical.

Fickle and impatient, Millennials and Gen-Zers have no time for a sluggish or disjointed dining experiences – they simple move to a brand who can give them the technology and speed they crave.

Integration is vital for meeting these new levels of customer expectation. For some restaurateurs this level of integration and unity often feels like an on-going battle towards a near impossible Holy Grail but with a good open EPoS platform designed for integration, it is not only possible but simple. By choosing an open EpoS platform you can add on any integrated software application as your business needs dictate.

Como: Custom data & loyalty app in action 


One such example is the notable customer data and loyalty app Como. Harnessing AI and data intelligence, Como takes customer’s transactional data and turns it into opportunities for sustained customer growth and omni-channel engagement. 

How? If a customer regularly picks up their morning latte from a coffee shop and uses their Como loyalty app to collect points but then for some reason they stop going, Como’s customer management system will automatically send the customer a timed incentive like 50% off their next latte to try and win that valued customer back. This kind of intuitive outbound marketing is vital if you want to retain customer loyalty.

Other key benefits include:
  • A branded mobile app
  • Flexible loyalty programs
  • Actionable data and BI
  • Omnichannel communication and marketing automation tools
  • Mobile payment capabilities

Future predictions

A recent report from the NPD Group projected that apps will see a rapid increase in adoption and use by 88% between now and the end of 2020 thanks to consumers increasingly seeking convenience from online order and food delivery services. 

"In my opinion, any future growth in foodservice visits will be overwhelmingly tech-driven. Operators have realized that the full-scale implementation of digital order channels which offer a combination of convenience, engagement and new experience is a prerequisite for survival and growth in a sluggish, over-supplied market"Dominic Allport, Insight Director for Foodservice at the NPD Group

QSR and casual dining operators cannot afford to ignore this finding and must ensure that by choosing an open EPoS hub that they can incorporate this tech into their future business operation. 

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