Cashing in on Black Friday: 7 things every restaurateur should be considering

Black Friday might not be the first thing every restaurateur thinks of when it comes to seasonal promotions and with the Christmas rush not far away, it’s easy to overlook ideas to cash in on the Black Friday spending frenzy. That’s why we’ve created a list of last-minute marketing and planning ideas together to help boost covers during the week of the 23rd November, increase customer loyalty and get you the all-important repeat business especially in the sluggish month of January.

Preparing Your Restaurant for Black Friday Week

With just over three weeks to ago, if you’ve not already started planning, here are 7 key things that you can take action on right this minute in order to begin preparation and maximise all the features in your EPoS system:

  1. Come up with your specials. Bring your team together and start thinking about Black Friday themed promotions, specials or events you’d like to offer to your loyal customers. What do hungry and tired shoppers want that will make them stop off with you during their hard days shopping – a free cup of coffee with every sandwich? Or what about a Black Friday special juice to boost energy and revive the exhausted?
  2. Brainstorm the menu. Outside of your traditional menu, start thinking about out-of-the-box ideas for your menu. Perhaps test a new idea and put it on offer to see if your diners take it.
  3. Plan to take reservations.  Look at the space you have, staffing requirements and your EPoS reservation features to manage the reservation schedule.
  4. Introduce your Loyalty App or Order more gift cards. If you’re running a gift card promotion or want more customers to take advantage of your loyalty App make the most of what should be a very busy week.
  5. Assess your inventory. Run off business reports to establish potential spikes during Black Friday and the run up to Christmas to ensure you are fully stocked with your customer’s favourite dishes and avoid wastage.
  6. Social Media. As you and your team are preparing for Black Friday, don’t forget to share any promotions or special events on your social media accounts. Think about new ideas you could introduce to encourage footfall. For example: 7 Days of Black Friday: post a different discount each day for seven days following Black Friday. Give customers just one day to access each deal, but allow them a couple of days to redeem the voucher. And don’t forget to encourage them to share your posts!
  7. Email. Take advantage of Black Friday business to build up your permission based email marketing lists to add into your CRM feature. Consider a pre-Christmas count down campaign your Black Friday diners can sign up to with weekly exclusive offers, gift cards, competitions and January winter warmers.

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