Chop & Wok increases its take-away business with Online Ordering

As an existing pointOne user Chop & Wok the Asian and Oriental restuarant chain that aims to create a fresh an innovative experience for its diners by successfully merging the culinary delights of both cultures, wanted to increase its take-away business and reduce its manpower overheads by transferring the ordering from the telephone to the Internet.

Partner at Chop & Wok Aman Bhandal comments on the success; “Within just a few weeks 30% of all take-away orders are now taken on-line and we expect this to grow rapidly to around 60% over the next few months as more of our customers become aware of the facility. It has reduced staffing times and eliminated virtually all the order errors as the customer can clearly see what they ordered and match it with the delivered food. We have also found that our business customers love the facility as online ordering is perfect for large complex orders”

Aman concludes, “The solution has been a great success and offers excellent value for money. We have combined the on-line ordering with other pointOne modules such as ‘Loyalty’ which brings in more customers and due to the electronic nature eliminates the fraud that sometimes occurs with paper based offerings. We will be implementing the pointOne solution in all our restaurants as we grow over the next 12 months.”