pointOne in Action: EPoS system

Our Sales and Partnership Manager, Paul Berryman takes us through the full pointOne EPoS solution in this 5 minute video as part of our 'pointOne in Action' demo series.

Paul demonstrates how our core EPoS solution is designed to offer a fast, reliable and intuitive interface that's simple to use, with minimal staff training required.

He outlines the flexibility of the different set-up screens available depending on your business needs such as the quick action bar screen with its user-friendly left to right sale workflow; and for restaurants, the choice of viewing by table plan or table number. 

The following key features of the EPoS system are covered showing how our EPoS system is about much more than just transaction:

Permissions & User Security

FOH & BOH Communication

Payment: Cash Discounts, Deposits, Gift Vouchers & Donations

Staff scheduling: Time & Attendance

Promos & Meal Deals

Table Management & Reservations

For more information on how to choose the right EPoS solution for your restaurant business why not read our comprehensive eguide: "The Restaurateur's Guide to the Right Solution. 2019 & Beyond"