Kitchen Management: The need for speed. Has your EPoS got what it takes?

Increases in cost, diner impatience and the new consumer’s thirst for nutritional information mean pressure in kitchen management is hotting up. How can EPoS help?

Whether you are operating a Quick Service or casual dining restaurant, every restaurant operation is now needing to bridge the gap between front of house ordering and fast, efficient delivery from the kitchen if they are going to close revenue gaps, increase profit and win the customer experience holy grail.

Thanks to new and advanced kitchen management features, streaming your operation has never been so easy. 

Five essential ingredients for today’s EPoS to help keep you stay competitive

At pointOne, our primary aim is to make your life easier, your business more profitable and your customers happier. Here’s a quick list of five EPoS features that have helped our client’s kitchen management.

1. Speed up service delivery

By upgrading your kitchen printer to Kitchen Manager from pointOne, you can speed up service delivery, reduce errors and avoid missed orders. Kitchen staff can see, at a glance, each ‘ticket’, how long it’s been waiting, when they need to prioritise and thus are able to process it more effectively. The result is happier customers, higher throughput of orders and increased revenue.

2. Streamline your delivery management and reduce costs

Using this solution our customers have gained additional insight into their food delivery which enables them to monitor their key performance indicators more accurately and react to problem orders quickly. Having the necessary facts to hand, both to address the problem with the customer and to improve processes helps avoid future problems and streamlines the overall operation.  Furthermore, with no more consumables like printer cartridges and paper rolls to replace, you will also cut costs and time.

3. Better manage your customers’ dietary needs

Now more than ever, managing dietary needs is a critical part of restaurant management. Our Kitchen Management solution provides a safety net for these issues by highlighting and controlling dishes which are served with special requirements such as allergens or gluten free. This reduces the stress on staff as they know exactly what is going out at any time giving them far more control over the restaurant environment.

4. Always know exactly what your kitchen status is with live reporting

With our kitchen screens you have the ability to colour code and identify long service times, so at any moment in time you know exactly what your status is. You can also define preparation time to manage service delivery and process orders from all sources including online, restaurant and takeaway.

5. Update FOH staff with out of stock items

Keeping your front of house staff informed of shortages and out of stock items is crucial to running a ‘happy’ restaurant. Our management solution can inform them ahead of time of any menu changes so they can inform customers at the time of ordering eliminating the embarrassment and disappointment of returning to a customer to tell them something is ‘off’.

At PointOne we believe that our Kitchen Management solution is a ‘must have’ for busy restaurants. Whilst printers have traditionally been the best option, kitchen screens are set to be the future in the casual dining and QSR space. They add a new degree of dynamism, operate in ‘real’ time, improve the customer experience, and reduce costs. In short, they have the potential to be one of the most valuable tools that a modern restaurateur can add to streamline and maximise the potential of their business.

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