The healthy eating trend & me

Our sales coordinator, Sara Jenkins guest blogs for us this week about the trend for healthy eating and her own journey to weight loss.

As someone who is on a ‘weight loss journey’ (4 stone off so far), I have learnt a lot about nutrition. I have tried loads of different diets over the last 10 years like shakes, soups and bars all in a bid to lose weight.  It turns out eating a balanced diet and doing exercise is the way forward, who knew?!

I have a very long way to get to my goal weight but as a self-confessed foodie I have embraced eating freshly prepared, non-processed food. So every Sunday I do the dreaded ‘food prep’. I know most people in the office are sick of hearing about this but I carry on posting my latest creations on Twitter as it really helps to spur me on and keep me going.  

This is one of my favourite food prep meals: Spiced Turkey Lettuce Wraps.  I have some serious #tupperwareproblems and think I’m addicted to buying food containers. I do love these three compartment ones as they really help with portion control.


I take a lot of inspiration from social media thanks to the likes of Joe Wicks and his #leanin15 meals which offer a real education in healthy, balanced meals which are quick and easy to prepare.

In fact, you can’t go far without hearing words such as ‘clean’, ‘superfoods’ ‘probiotics’ or ‘plant-based’ in relation to healthy eating or reference to the many dietary requirements people now adhere to like gluten-free, lactose-free etc. Ten years ago you just didn’t hear these words and this is a reflection of the changing relationship we now have with food.

I’m pleased that at pointOne our kiosk technologies can offer customers the chance to monitor their nutrition and dietary needs.



When customers make their food and drink orders using our kiosks they can see their full nutritional values, in addition to searching and filtering by allergy or food type, to build up an accurate picture of their nutritional basket before purchase.

This is so helpful when like me, every gram of fat and sugar counts, or for someone with allergen requirements, where the reassurance of knowing that the food they are buying is adhering to their needs is priceless.


(Kiosk screen grabs courtesy of TossedUK)

It’s not just me who is in search of a healthier option, Market research group, GfK asked 23,000 consumers online in 17 countries how important certain factors were when deciding what to eat or drink.

Nearly half (48%) said products being low-sugar or sugar-free was “extremely” or “very” important to them, and an equal number said the same for products being free from genetically-modified ingredients. Low-sodium or low-salt products came third highest, with 45%, followed by organic products, low-fat or no-fat products.

This research just shows how important it is to the consumer to be able to make a healthy, informed choice. I for one am pleased to be part of the percentage of people who find it extremely important to make good nutritional choices and it seems like more and more people are with me on this.

It’s great that technology companies like pointOne are using innovation to make these choices easier for consumers.

Time to get back to my food prep, bring on the Tupperware!