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Why you should consider adding online ordering, smart phone apps and home delivery to boost your QSR or takeaway operation.

Recent research has highlighted that QSR and takeaway restaurants is the fastest growing sector in the UK. Whilst these figures are very encouraging to the fast-food operator they also suggest that competition has never been greater and consumer choice never higher. The businesses that will thrive in this growth will be the ones offering excellent customer service and value but how?

  • Providing an online ordering ‘click and collect’ service to customers together with integrated smart phone Apps is a key way to enhance the customer experience and attract and retain business. 
  • Accessing your business remotely also enables customers to order days in advance, which improves convenience for them and streamlines your business so you can manage and process future orders easier.

What service providers are there in the market and what do they offer by way of support for businesses?

There are many options for an operator to choose from, however we believe that in order to fully benefit from online ordering the technology has too enable restaurants to integrate this service into their wider PoS set-up.  Our solutions include browser-based ordering, iphone & Android Apps and in-store order points such as kiosks For operators that choose to offer a ‘click and deliver’ service then adopting a driver management solution would also be useful to manage deliveries to the customer.


What equipment/technology do businesses need to ensure a successful home delivery service?

Your EPoS solution provider needs to have a platform that can integrate real time online ordering technology. Whether this is in the form of a web page, an app or an in-house order point/kiosk it needs to fully integrate with the EPoS. As its web-based, no physical hardware is required other than your EPoS set-up, however if you are going to provide an online ordering service to your customers then you should also consider that they will expect to be able to order online via an iPhone or Android App.

What does the future hold for home delivery and online ordering?

Cashless payments and self-service are the developing trends in this sector. Customer-facing cashless kiosks are now being introduced in many restaurants complementing online ordering by extending click and collect to an in-store option and is already proving very popular with customers.  Whilst this technology is still relatively new, many QSR operators on the high street will have this on their radar.

Who is doing home delivery and online ordering best? And what can businesses learn from them?

The traditional home delivery experts like Dominos do this very well and have no doubt invested heavily in technology over the last 5 years to stay ahead of game.  What can we learn? If you are going to offer home delivery via a digital ordering platform then do it well and don’t cut corners.  It needs to be slick and professional.  The customer purchase path and experience must be easy, fast and reliable. This doesn’t mean you have to invest lots of money, but do your research and invest wisely.

If you don’t currently offer online ordering or home delivery as a business how do you start?

We operate in a fast-changing market, so you need to review the options out there and look for an EPoS provider that offers this and other web based ordering technologies that are fully integrated with an Enterprise level EPoS system designed specifically for the QSR space. The provider must also be a company committed to on-going development focused on this sector.