Master Chef winners choose pointOne

Hokkei, the ‘Awesome Asian Food To Go Restaurant’ owned by Master Chef winners Dale and Larkin have selected pointOne for their chain of quick service restaurants based in Cardiff.

Larkin saw MasterChef as a chance to focus on cooking, gain credibility as a chef and hopefully offer a platform to launch a business. He knew there was a chance of making an idiot of himself on national TV but he trusted in what he felt was his talent and heritage.

Dale was looking to expand his business knowledge to the food sector. He also felt that he needed credibility in relation to food and realised MasterChef would be a good avenue for an amateur cook. During the competition they became friends with similar aspirations.

Dale and Larkin spent time in Hong Kong to discover new ingredients for Hokkei. They wanted to feel inspired. They also hoped to understand and embrace the heritage of the culture that defined their dishes. This new found inspiration helped them refine their menu and bring an authentic taste of the east to the west.

We wish them every success in this exciting new venture.