New SMS and Email promotions product

Welcome to pointOne’s Promote

Designed to enable you to maximize new business opportunities and footfall from Email, twitter, Facebook and SMS campaigns, Promote will:

  • Inform your customers about new offers e.g. 2 for 1 deals, ‘early bird’ discounts, or ‘seasonal’ specials
  • Educate existing and new customers about your hospitality business – why you’re special
  • Contact old customers who have not visited for a while with a special ‘welcome back’ offers
  • Announce special events, such as, ‘live music’, ‘summer BBQs’
  • Make your customers feel ‘special’ and valued as you remember their birthdays etc.
  • Let potential new patrons know about other happy customers through testimonials/case studies and quotes
  • Send out newsletters and general info, such as opening times, new menus, guest beers and so on.

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