SPECIAL REPORT: The self-service revolution causing QSRs to rethink kitchen design

An article published by Food Service Equipment Journal, with comments from Steven Rolfe

As quick service food operators look to streamline their businesses and drive efficiencies wherever they can, it was inevitable that self-service kiosks would become a part of the mainstream restaurant experience.

The availability of easy-to-use, often cashless electronic points of sale is providing operators with options they never had before and some are embracing the technology with open arms to enhance productivity.

Tossed, the operator of almost 30 quick service salad and healthy eating outlets, is one of the few companies that has embraced this new technology has gone completely cashless and whose points of sale revolve around self-service technology. It uses a solution from pointOne that is designed to reduce queues during busy periods, remove cash from the business and provide a unique experience for diners. The chain is conscious that queues at peak times can dilute customer experience and, for a fresh food business in particular, efficiency is absolutely paramount to getting queues down.

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