pointOne in Action: Kitchen Management

Our Sales and Partnership Manager, Paul Berryman takes us through a full demo of our Kitchen Management solution in this 4 minute video as part of our 'pointOne in Action' demo series.

Paul demonstrates how theĀ Kitchen Manager can deliver clear, concise instructions to kitchen staff via a simple, easy to view wall mounted touch screen that displays multiple orders. It allows your kitchen staff to continually interact with your FOH team, while fully automating your kitchen. Thanks to the benefits below, you'll find your order-to-table times will increase significantly:

  • Ability to colour code and highlight long service times

  • View summary on current orders open by item and quantity

  • Live real time reporting

  • Define preparation time to manage service delivery

  • Update FOH staff with out of stock items

  • Process orders from all sources including online, restaurant and takeaway

  • Store and access recipes

Check out our YouTube channel to see further demos as part of our 'pointOne in Action' series.