What are the opportunities of tableside ordering and how can it help your business?

An evolution in technology and increased consumer expectation within casual dining has created both new opportunities and challenges and has prompted casual and premium casual businesses to consider new ways of delivering service within their operation. One of these opportunities is tableside ordering following the development in recent years to the technology required to facilitate it.

10-15 years ago, creating reliable Wi-Fi networks at home was challenging, let alone within a busy restaurant business, but the tech has improved quickly, and Wi-Fi is now both cheaper and easier to implement. 

Consumer appetite for a slick and consistent experience within hospitality has also developed and over the last 5 years the ‘customer experience’ or the ‘journey’ has been under scrutiny as it is often this factor that dictates whether a business both survives and thrives within a competitive marketplace.

In the QSR space this means customer facing kiosks and queue busting, but in the casual dining/gastro pubs sector slick customer service can be achieved with tableside ordering using a tablet.

How can tableside ordering technology help?

Now, love them or hate them, they can provide efficiency and opportunities to increase average spend per head and ultimately your turnover. We often hear that using technology at the tableside for ordering is ‘impersonal’ or ‘not for us’ and we agree, it isn’t for every business, however the business benefits are proven and should not be ignored.

How does it work?

Our Android-based tableside ordering solution uses consumer-based hardware to keep costs down plus a simple monthly fee.  All the key features are included allowing management of:

  • tabs and tables;
  • ordering;
  • payment;
  • and sending orders to the kitchen. 

The tablets will take care of price bands and any offers you have on your PoS system. Plus, you don’t need to manage a separate database of items so it’s easy to implement and manage moving forward.

Is integration available?

The tablet solution works best on 7” screens however some customers use slightly larger screens, so they can also run 3rd party apps such as restaurant booking diaries.

A recent addition to our mobile solution is the integration of a very small and lightweight payment device called Miura which provides the ability for the server to take payment, fully integrated with the tablet via Bluetooth to provide fast and efficient service delivery on the move.  Couple this with a lightweight and integrated belt printer and the server can work the floor to maximise revenue and upselling opportunities without having to visit the EPoS system.

So, whilst not the solution for every business, tableside ordering using the latest technology, can have the potential to provide gains in both speed, service and revenue.

If you would like to learn more about our pointOne Mobile tablet ordering solution, then please contact us here or contact your account manager for more details or to arrange a demo.