6 Key Steps To Consider When Upgrading Your EPoS

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6 Key Steps To Consider When Upgrading Your EPoS

A Strategic Roadmap To Switching

Deciding that you need to upgrade your EPoS is a big decision and it's often one with a large investment attached, therefore it's essential that this is an informed decision based on a systematic roadmap.
This 6-step plan is aimed at CEOs, Commercial, Operation and IT Directors of multisite hospitality operators who are tasked with the strategic planning and deployment of an EPoS upgrade.

This e-Guide will cover off all the key steps to making a strategic decision on your EPoS upgrade, including:

  • Why Upgrade? 
  • Planning: defining your requirements, budget setting etc
  • Research: consulting your team; sourcing EPoS suppliers.
  • Implementation: setting project timelines; Comms
  • Testing
  • Training: benefits; best method

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