Is your EPoS system open for business?

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Is your EPoS system open for business?

How open integration can drive operational efficiency, increase revenue and enhance your customer’s experience.

Is your EPoS solution fixed or flexible? Do you often ask yourself, “I wish my EPoS could…”?

Unfortunately, some EPoS platforms are built with a fenced in approach which ties them to using the EPoS vendor’s own software applications only. Truly scalable EPoS, however, have an open platform that lets you harness best of breed software to ensure that you can grow and adapt to new market challenges.

This e-Guide will effectively walk you through:

  • why you need an open EPoS for your business operation;
  • how you can utilise best of breed third-party software and;
  • the benefits they can bring to your customer’s experience and your bottom line.

Lastly it will ask key requirement questions to ensure you can take advantage of this crucial move towards an open and integrated EPoS hub for today and tomorrow.

This bitesize guide covers the following key areas:

  1. Is your EPoS system open for business?
  2. The critical role of open integration
  3. Scaling your EPoS: The importance of integration with third-party software 
  4. What are the benefits of being open for business?
  5. Becoming customer centric: Why technology matters
  6. Key areas where third-party apps can drive operational efficiency, increase revenue and enhance your customer’s experience
  7. 6 reasons why open integration is essential for quick service and casual dining restaurants
  8. Why your business might not survive without open integration
  9. 8 key considerations when choosing integrated third-party software for your EPoS solution
  10. Be a part of restaurant technology innovation

"With multiple systems and applications now being required to achieve new and heightened levels of efficiency, experience and profit margin, EPoS as an intelligent hub has never been so important. Operators that do not put system integration at the forefront of their technology investments will inevitably pay the heavy price of system silos in terms of profit leakage and decay of the customer experience".

Paul Berryman, Sales & Partnership Manager, pointOne EPoS


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